10 Tips on How to Survive Race Day.

Posted on July 03 2018


10 Tips on How to Survive Race Day 

Race Day!!!!  It can cause even the most seasoned of runners some panic. Follow my tips and panic no more!!!

1. Do not try new products the day of the race. This includes any food, clothing, shoes, etc. If you have new shoes, make sure you have worn them for at least two weeks prior to the race. If you've bought yourself new clothes for the race, make sure you've done at least one test-run in them prior to race day. You do not want any surprise chafing or riding up. Also do not eat anything out of the ordinary prior to the race, including the day before the race. If you are used to eating a bagel with peanut butter, prior to your long runs, don’t change it.. The same goes for beverages. Stick with water.

2. Pick up your race packet ASAP. Some races offer packet pick-up days before the race. If you have the option to pick it up the day before, DO IT!

3. Lay out all of your clothes and gear the night before the race. Pin your bib to your shirt and your timing chip to your shoe, if you have one, so that you have less to worry about in the morning. Laying everything out the night before helps to ensure that you have everything you need and do not forget an important item that you might skip over in the middle of any pre-race anxiety.       




4. Arrive Early. Plan on arriving early in case there are any issues with parking. This also gives you time to use the restroom, warm up, etc..

5. Dress Smart. Dress as if the weather is 18 degrees warmer than it actually is. Most races offer a gear check where you can store your bag during the race, so you can always dress in layers and store your extra clothes right before the race starts.

 6. Warm-up prior to the race. A good warm-up would be walking or light jogging for 2-5 minutes and possibly some very light stretching. You should never stretch cold muscles, so if you do stretch, make sure you have warmed your muscles with walking or jogging first.



7. Line up with runners who run your speed. Find the part of the pack that runs your pace. If you run a 10-minute mile, you do not want to be at the front of the pack. You will likely get swept into a pace that is too fast, resulting in a negative experience.

8. Start slowly. It is very easy to get swept up in the excitement and head out too fast. !!! PACE!!!! PACE!!!!!

9. See the finish line. RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10. Have fun! After all, it is a race!!!

Tony Gross

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