Introducing the "Run Miles + Pace" Community

Posted on March 08 2016

Though the runner’s community is geographically distant, it’s incredible how we are all able to connect in a way that generations before us weren’t able to- social media. Through these platforms, runners from all across the country have the ability to connect with one another in an unprecedented way.

For novice runners, social media is a great place to look for tips and tricks from seasoned runners. Not only are runners active on social media, but they are also so helpful! There have been many days when we’ve caught ourselves exhausted, considering skipping our runs, yet when we log on social media, the runner’s community is so motivating that we are inspired to hit our miles despite the fatigue!

Learning from other runners’ wisdom, being inspired from their running journeys and receiving encouragement on these platforms has personally enhanced our runs and we’re sure that’s true for many other runners. Thus, the “Run Miles + Pace” group was born, to create a space where runners can connect, engage and inspire one another.

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Share what your race schedule for 2016 is looking like, spill details about your latest run travel trip, seek advice about your training plan, or gather carb-loading recipes before races within this run group. The Run Miles + Pace community was designed to cultivate and celebrate the runner’s community in a uplifting, positive space.

We can’t wait to see what you contribute! Join us at