40 Days until 40... #FitFriday Inspiration from Kelly

Posted on July 22 2016

40 Days 'til 40 // #40RunStreak

In one month, I will turn 40.  Instead of freaking out about getting older, I have decided to embrace it and celebrate for 40 days.  When I first told my husband this idea, he looked at me like I was crazy thinking that I was going to party each day, spending tons of money.  But, that's not what it's all about.  For 40 days, I am running, doing fun things with my family and friends, reconnecting with old friends, cooking, and eating good food.  Focusing on the simple but important things in life.
Miles & Pace running gear, 40 run streak
One of the biggest parts of my 40 days 'til 40 idea is running for 40 days straight.  Running was never a big deal to me until recently.  I am not sporty, but always try to be healthy.  I am vegan, practice yoga and occasionally play soccer for fun. In the past, if someone would have predicted that I would become a runner, I would have laughed.  I still feel weird calling myself a runner.  In high school, my friends and I would make up any excuse in the book to get out of running in PE.  I hated to run!  If I only knew then what I know now.  My sister was constantly asking me to try running and I kept turning up my nose at the idea.
Miles & Pace running gear, 40 run streak
Then, about a year and a half ago, that all changed.  My son turned 4 and started riding a pedal bike.  Without a bike of my own, I had no choice but to run behind him with my daughter in a stroller as he rode around our neighborhood.  After that, I was addicted.  I began running as much as I could and ran my first 5K *The Bolt to the Q* about a year ago with my sister and brother in law. I am so excited to do it again this year with my husband and kids doing the 1/2 mile with us.
Miles & Pace running gear, 40 run streak
Committing to running every day is not an easy task.  I have two young kids, we home school, I work part time, and live in one of the hottest places on the planet.  The lowest temperature is in the morning right now and it is in the mid-80s.  So, I try to get up super early to beat the sun and take my dog out before she overheats or burns her paws.  Then, I run on a treadmill.  Most days my kids are playing in the room while I run.  My runs are either super boring, watching Netflix on the I pad, or super stressful-watching to make sure the kids are safe.

But, I love exercising with my kids and being a healthy role model for them.  They wake up early to walk our dog with me or jump on the treadmill to run after I am finished.  I also love the stronger connection that I have with my sister now from our running adventures.  I have had amazing support from my husband, kids, family, and friends. I even have a running buddy doing the run streak with me.
I have been wanting to do a running streak for a while now, so I did my first one in June.  I had no goal in mind at first.  Once I got going I accomplished over 100 miles.  This time I am shooting for 120 miles in 40 days.  I can't think of a better way to celebrate my 40th year.

Up for the challenge? Join my #40RunStreak + follow my run adventures at @VegRunr_MilesandPace

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