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5 Things I've Learned as a Runner

Posted on January 29 2018

by: Jess Hodgson

As a gal who has been running for half her life, I really didn't realize the beauty of all it has to offer until my mid 30's! Here are my top 5 lessons learned (thus far) from running:

1) Having a Positive Body Image

I struggled with body dismorphia and multiple ED's that started in my mid teens. I finally found peace with my body & what it's able to accomplish when running & racing; not focused on how it looks, but what it can do.

2) Self Discipline

This is true especially when training for a takes daily discipline to get out there & get those runs done. Even when you really don't want to!

3) Proper Nutrition & Fueling

Again, going back to my younger years where food was a threat, having proper nutrition is VITAL to performing well, maintaining healthy body & muscle composition! Eating nutrient dense foods will keep you in top shape for daily training!

4) Taking the time to REST & RECOVER

when I decided to train for my 1st marathon, I never took a rest day. I was under the very wrong thinking of "more is better". That landed me an injury that was devastating.  Lesson learned, taking a minimum of 1-2 rest days is mandatory for me! Our muscles & mind need time to heal & recover, so we can keep running as long as possible!

5) It's Not ALL About Winning

Runners are competitive. (At least I am, lol) but we can't win all the time, nor should we! There will always be someone faster & stronger, and that's OK! We run because we love it, because it makes us better people. I've learned to stop comparing myself to others & applaud their achievements. We are all on our own journey!

These 5 Things are just a glimpse of what running has taught me thus far, and what's amazing is it's a constant learning process! When we learn, we grow. Looking forward to many years ahead of what running can continue to teach me.  

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