Spicy Light Bite

Posted on August 02 2015

Training for the Rock n’ Roll Las Vegas started yesterday, I usually do a 10 week training plan but since we are also running the 5k the night before, I figured a little extra training time couldn’t hurt.

This will be my third half marathon and second this year… with each race, I feel a little stronger, have more endurance and also learn from the previous run. Going into November I want to feel my best and with that I am on a mission to fuel my body more than ever with healthy and organic eats.

One of my favorite things when in the kitchen is making something fabulous out of the unexpected. Maybe it comes from growing up with a Chef as a step-dad, looking back… rarely was a recipe followed to a tee. He was always experimenting with the most unusual flavors in the kitchen and I’m happy to carry that tradition on.

To start I recommend a box of Mary’s Gone Cracker’s Organic Jalapeño Crackers and top with the following.

(1) thin slice of a purple radish
(1) thin slice of Jalapeño
(1) small dollop of fresh Ricotta Cheese

Next sprinkle Organic White Chia Seeds, Red Pepper Flakes & a pinch of salt!
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Hope you enjoy & I’d love a suggestion to add for a vegan modification at hello@milesandpace.com

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