Posted on August 05 2015

She started a movement and I don’t think she realizes how by inspiring just one, she started a shift… a movement within our entire family dynamic. This shift didn’t happen over night, its been a few years in the making but looking back I can’t help but think to myself, if she hadn’t been so dedicated to taking the time to get her runs in, would I of been so inspired to follow her lead.

We were brought up to eat healthy and take care of ourselves but athletes we were not, so for us to discover this passion and love for running as adults is infectious.

I just remember on one my sisters many visits to San Diego with her two young kids, that she was adamant on making time to get her run in.

The look on her face after she returned from her run was refreshing she was energized, happy and ready to take on the day. I thought to myself if Rachel can do it, I surely can.

And I did… with my husband pushing me all the way. We set out to train for our first 10K or the Zappos 1/2 of the Half, looking back doing a handful of 5k’s first would of been a better plan BUT this 10k was on my birthday and in Las Vegas… what more motivation could one ask for?

The Rock N’ Roll Las Vegas Series is surreal… running down the Las Vegas strip at night passing notable landmarks with miles of colorful neon’s all the while strangers are chanting & cheering you on with yards of slushy drinks in hand.

This being our first run, it was H A R D! The training itself and the run was hard… I don’t think I have ever purposely put my body through such shock but I survived, I remember thinking you aren’t dead! Don’t get me wrong the shock was temporary the overall experience before and after the race was fun, challenging, rewarding and an experience I share with my husband that we’ll never forget. And I’m thankful for that first run, it taught me how to train properly and how to listen to my body and most of all I know that I can physically push myself further than I ever imagined.

Since being inspired by my little sister my husband and I have completed two half marathons to date and this summer ran with my other sister in her first 5k along with our nieces and nephews that participated in the Bolt to the Q – Kids Fun Run. Also inspired by the movement, this November we’ll run our first 5k with our best friend!

San Diego Chargers - Bolt to the Q

Words can’t express how proud I am of everyone for lacing up, getting out of their comfort zone and participating… and most of all my husband for taking on each new challenge with me.

Rachel, I hope you know how much you have inspired us all.