Run Because I Can

Posted on August 11 2015

I’m obsessed with our initial designs for Miles & Pace and having so much fun researching apparel styles and colors.

Building successful brands for my clients has been an exhilarating journey over my ten year as Creative Director at  A7D Creative Group INC., and there are days I’ve left the office feeling as I’ve ran a marathon but this time, I’m taking on the challenge and investing in building a brand so close to my heart with messaging that is an empowering reminder for me to “Run Because I Can”!  Because I am lucky enough to be able to walk after a biking accident with my Vizsla in 2007, let alone being able to participate and run half marathons. I hope you’ll follow me on the journey as we launch “Miles & Pace”!

This is just the first glimpse of whats to come for our fun active lifestyle brand!
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