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Ventura Marathon & 5K

Posted on October 17 2015

Run Road trip! In training for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon, we try to mix in at least a 5K a month. I stumbled upon the Ventura Marathon and I was in! A beach run in a place I called home for many years plus it was a great excuse to spend a weekend with my dad while he shares in my run adventures.

It had been awhile since my husband and I had been to visit my dad, life gets crazy busy and we are able to find every excuse on why we don’t have the time to make the drive. Think it’s that daunting LA traffic everyone complains about, luckily we timed our trip perfectly and were able to enjoy our coastline with a heart-felt surprise.

We did our traditional stop for a coffee in Malibu and back on the road for the last hour of our trip, the weather was warm and the day clear as can be… as we approached Pepperdine University, I caught a row of American flags out of corner of my eye and screamed at my husband to turn left, QUICK!

The day was 9/11 and my eye had caught more than a few American flags honoring those lost in 9/11 it had caught the most beautiful tribute I have ever seen, I felt so blessed that our path had brought us to this overwhelming portrait of respect and honor. I hope my photos do the memorial justice…

As we continued up the coast to Ventura it reminded me how fortunate we are to live in California, it really is a beautiful state.

Quick stop at Point Mugu to take in our beautiful California coastline.

We arrived in Ventura on Friday, did the traditional bib pick up and then over to our hotel to check in, with the run on Sunday we had Saturday to explore Downtown Ventura and its hip new boutiques and eateries. I booked us at the Ventura Marriot, the hotel was perfect a distance from the start line and just a block or so from the beach. If you are traveling with pets, its also a pet friendly hotel!

The Ventura Marathon offered an entire weekend of activities including bike rides, beach party, kids run, 5k and is also a Boston Marathon Qualifier run. Being in such a beautiful city, I was surprised that there wasn’t a larger turn out for the event. Don’t get me wrong, I was happy not to be running in an overcrowded 5K.

We got up bright & early to watch those participating in the Marathon start & cheer them on as we witnessed a gorgeous California sunrise.

It was an incredibly hot weekend, so I was hoping we would have a little cloud cover during our 5K, the start was nice and easy… the course was flat and ran along Ventura beach, the last mile got a little hot as expected but overall it was a good fun run. I love doing 5K’s and being challenged by my fellow participants to keep a good pace.

Ventura Marathon 2015

Overall is was a great “Run Travel” weekend and to share the event with my dad meant so much, especially since he thinks I’m a little crazy for my sudden love for running Half marathons!

Mark your calendar & look into the September 2016 run, it’s a great “Run Travel” weekend, David and I will be back for sure… below are a few of my photos from our weekend, if you share please make sure to link back to Miles and Pace and give a photography credit to Anna Gamboa.