Run Rock 'n' Roll Las Vegas

Posted on December 28 2015

Over 16 miles, two races & one wild windy weekend in Las Vegas…

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas Marathon & Half Marathon took place Sunday, November 15th 2015. This was our second Run Rock 'n' Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon and the home of our first ever Half. I look forward to this event each year as it falls on the weekend of my birthday and what better way to celebrate than running 13.1 miles down the Las Vegas strip with hundreds of people cheering you on.

This year we took full advantage of the weekend and hit the ground running as soon as we landed in Vegas with lots to cover in little time.

My husband and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary on 11.05.15 and thought a fun way to celebrate the milestone would be doing the “Run Through Wedding” on 11.10.15! On top of the run through wedding, we also participated in the “Remix Challenge”.  This is a 5k run the night before the Half Marathon & Marathon.

First stop… “The Expo” a must for me before a Half is having my ankle wrapped by KT-Tape, it offers the support I need for the Half Marathon and reduces my risk for further injury.

Once we hit up the booths at the Expo, we had a quick run down of the timing for the wedding and then just enough time to change and head to the SLS for the 5k.

Las Vegas Run Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon

L O V E D the SLS! It was a graphic designers playground with quirky art, urban-hip eateries, pair that with an electric 5k run and all made for a energetic fun evening.

The 5K was really easy to get to by tram, I would recommend leaving early as the trams do get crowded... the event was high energy, an easy flat course and everyone was provided foam glow sticks before entering which made for a visually entertaining start. My best friend joined us in the 5k and it was such an amazing experience doing our first official run together, after this weekend she might think we are mildly obsessed with this sport!

The next morning we headed back to the SLS for breakfast, it was perfect, great service and easy to get too from our hotel, the year before we got caught in road closures and barley made it back to our hotel. On our way back to the hotel, I received an Instagram alert about the an expected weather change right before race time. The report stated rain and high winds... at the time it was clear and sunny, we laughed! There was no way this gorgeous sunny day was going to turn windy and cold. Boy, were we wrong! By mile 9 the gale force winds were no joke making the last 4 miles, literally an uphill battle. 

Las Vegas Run Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon

With each race, you learn to prepare better for the next. Last year the temp dropped on race day so this year I was prepared with layers. My favorite for cold weather is the “Kanto Catch Me Long Sleeve” by lululemon. The fit is perfect, easy to move in and keeps you cozy on a cold run.

The pre-race event was Kid Rock, which was awesome… I think due to heightened security it took us a little longer to get into the venue than normal but I’d rather wait and know we are all safe. It was comforting over the weekend to see that Competitor Group & Rock ‘n” Roll Series took our safety seriously.

And we’re off!

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas has the most high energy, entertaining start line and I love it! As soon as we took off the weather changed, the wind picked up, there was a light drizzle but it was bearable.

We made it to the “Run Through Wedding” earlier than our expected time and had to wait about a half hour for everyone to arrive and of course, in the rain! The ceremony was quick, little emotional and fun. It's a great memory we'll always share about our 10 year anniversary. 

Getting started again after stopping was awkward but we picked up a good pace and I felt really good through mile nine, as we started off the rain and wind was bearable but with each mile the big gusts of winds increased. Actually had to hold onto my bib a couple times, I was afraid it was going to blow off and I'd miss all those photo ops! When we hit mile nine, we wound through a dark neighborhood and felt like a wind tunnel, we tried our best but we just couldn't run against the wind., at that point we were just burning energy and not progressing forward. 

Once we hit Fremont Street, the energy of the race picked up, the wind was behind us and we were ready to hit our PR and knock out these last miles. My feet hurt a bit but other than that, I felt good. For me at the turn, the numbers were in our favor but the wind was not and we had to accept it for what it was. No matter how hard we tried, we couldn’t compete against the wind… we would get up to a good pace and then get blown sideways by big gusts of wind. At that point, all we could do was keep trying and laugh it off. The weather has made for great post-race stories!

We finished this year’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon in under three hours with the “Run Through Wedding” and with the conditions, I’ll take it. I felt strong and have grown as a runner so much from last year’s race. When I think back to the first race we did in 2013, I am literally amazed at where I am today. I thought I was going to die after my first Zappos 10k and as of today I have completed 5k’s, 10’s and (3) Half Marathons!

Las Vegas Run Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon

Overall, we had a blast in Vegas and love the energy of the Rock ‘n’ Roll events and the faithful run community that supports the events.

Off to plan my 2016 “Run Calendar”! For daily updates, follow me on Instagram at Miles & Pace