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New Year, New Goals, New Start!

Posted on January 06 2016

The New Year has a arrived and the time of year that we all can reset our goals and relish in our past year accomplishments. 

I like to start the New Year by getting back to my roots and taking the time to enjoy the surf, sand and scenic beach views.

Especially after the holiday rush and a busy year... watching our dog romp in the surf has always been a refreshing reminder to me of how blessed we are to own a business and call San Diego home. 

Miles & Pace, Run Tees

At the end of 2015, we launched Miles and Pace and with that comes new goals and the start of a new business that marries our love for running ( no pun intended ) with our background in running a success Branding, Social Media Marketing, Web and Printing agency.

Our first two run inspired goods are the "Sunday Runday" tee and the "Run Because I Can" trucker both inspired by our 2015 Half Marathon training. I'm in "LOVE" with both design and can't wait to share more of my run inspired designs this year.

Miles & Pace, Run Tees 

We have been overwhelmed with the amazing feedback we've had on social media and exciting to bring a fresh new look to comfy run inspired tees!

Hope everyone started the New Year week off taking a little time to do what you love, with who you love.

Follow my personal Instagram at @MilesandPace to see where our "Run Travel" calendar will take us next! And cheers to a healthy, happy & successful 2016... get out and "Run Because You Can"!