Run Streak Goals... #FitFriday Inspiration from Melissa

Posted on July 29 2016

The Miles + Pace runner’s community truly motivates us each time we're on social media to hit our miles and continue running because we can! We were so inspired we decided to launch a "Fit Friday" spotlight on the amazing people in our Miles + Pace fam. 

Melissa and her sister inspire us with their epic “run streak.” We chatted with Melissa to find out what encourages her, why she loves running and some of her most memorable races.

1)   What inspired you to get into running?

I ran 4 years of cross-country & track in high school, but I had zero competitive edge. I don’t think I truly enjoyed the sport of running until I was doing it for me.

I (sort of) trained for and ran my first half marathon in 2005 with my sister and my best friend and have been addicted ever since!

Fit Friday, Miles & Pace Clothing Run Inspiration

2)  How often do you run?

I run every day. My sister and I have a “run streak” going.  We have run every day for 189 days so far.  I had a streak going prior to this (which would have been 414 days today) but I took a 3-day running hiatus when I stayed with my son for 3 nights in the hospital back in January.  I jumped back in as soon as he was well and we were back home.  This time was different though - my sister wanted to join in and do it with me and it’s been such a fun experience for us so far!

Running every day, however, is not for everyone. As a seasoned distance runner along with my training and various fitness certifications, this is something I feel confident and comfortable doing. I would never risk injury to keep a running streak alive. We have an easy paced 1-mile minimum for rest days.

Fit Friday, Miles & Pace Clothing Run Inspiration

3) What's been the most difficult aspect of your running practice?

Finding the time and balance to run and train.  As a busy mom with 2 and 4 year old boys, I am a slave to my treadmill more often than not while they are still young!  Between the weight of 2 boys and a jogging stroller tipping 90 lbs pushing them to “run” is not an option anymore!

Fit Friday, Miles & Pace Clothing Run Inspiration

4) When you don't feel like running, what motivates you to lace up and get out there?

A few things motivate me;

My job for one, working in the fitness industry definitely helps keep me accountable.  I like to lead by example, practice what I teach and put in the work right along side everyone else!

Second would be setting goals.  Having something to work towards helps keep the fire lit.  Signing up for races, even if it’s a 5k (doesn’t have to be any crazy distance), but it helps keep you on track.  Surrounding yourself with like-minded people is also a key component!

That’s one thing I love so much about the running and fitness community I have connected with on Instagram.  There is so much love, support, motivation and friendship to be had there.  Runners truly make the best friends!

Another huge source of motivation for me is my boys.  Children are sponges and they are great imitators so we must give them something great to imitate.

Making sure they get off to a good start health wise and learning to love being active is going to set them up for success in the future.

Fit Friday, Miles & Pace Clothing Run Inspiration

5) How many races have you run?

I have run 24 half marathons, three full marathons and a handful of 5k/10k/Mud Run/Obstacle/Fun Runs. In 2010 my sister and I did one race every month and tried out some fun types of races!  We even roller bladed a half marathon – the Silver Stand Race (from Coronado to Imperial Beach) offers that option!

Fit Friday, Miles & Pace Clothing Run Inspiration

6) What's been your favorite race? Why?

I don’t know that I have just one favorite.  The Tri-City Carlsbad Marathon & Half has always been a top contender of mine.  I have run the full on that course once and the half several times!  It’s beautiful right along the ocean and being in January it always nice and cool!

Last year my sister and I flew to San Francisco to run the SF Giant Race and I LOVED that!  It’s in August and the race day was in the 60’s and overcast (when back home was over 100 that weekend), it was perfect running weather with a relatively flat and scenic course flooded with thousands of Giants fans creating a sea of orange and black.  So excited to go back in September again for that one!

Fit Friday, Miles & Pace Clothing Run Inspiration

7) What's been your least favorite race? Why?

I really can’t think of a race I all together hated.  All races usually have things I love mixed in with a few dislikes (read: hills).  For instance the La Jolla Half – a beautiful but grueling and hilly course!  Heat also plays a big factor in my running.  I am not a hot weather runner, so races that are really hot tend to leave less of a positive effect on me!

8) What do you love about running?

Running is my outlet, it’s a reset button.  I run when I am happy, when I am stressed, when I am sad – it can be an attitude adjustment like no other on a tough day.

We lose ourselves in the things we love and we find ourselves there, too.

Fit Friday, Miles & Pace Clothing Run Inspiration

 9) Anything else you'd like to share about yourself, your journey and your runs!

Running is something that really helped turn things around for me after my having my boys. My two kids are 23 months apart and that is tough on your body.  Watching your body go from fit to housing another human being is an amazing yet difficult experience. I struggled a bit after having my youngest son until I finally realized the only person who could change the things I was unhappy with was me.

I started with at home workouts until I was confident enough to run out on the road or hit the gym again.  It’s true what they say, once you let go of all your excuses – you find your results.

To continue being inspired by Melissa, follow her on her social media channels:

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