Meet our Miles & Pace Ambassador - Micheal Del Castello

Posted on June 12 2019

Meet Ambassador | Micheal Del Castello

We're excited to share with you some of our amazing Miles & Pace Ambassadors. We want you to get to know the amazing people associated with our brand. 

Today, we'd like to introduce Michael Del Castello, a runner, ambassador enthusiast + dog dad to Miss Trixie from Livermore, California.


Q: Give us a little bio of yourself.

NorCal Born and Raised, San Francisco Bay Area Skateboarder/Surfer (More or less retired) J( Every once in a while) Never Quit! San Francisco Giants Baseball Fan

RUNNER- This is who I am! I love it so much, it is all I can do to not eat, sleep, talk, think running!

Q: What do you love most about running?

I love the feeling of getting lost in the run. That feeling that I forget that I am running. I feel like I am floating or flying. Sometimes I actually lose miles…Like mile 7 already Oh! Wow!

Q: What’s your favorite race/ series?

I love the Rock and Roll Marathon Series. I ALWAYS do the remix challenge if there are 2 races in two days and is available. (5K and Half Marathon) It also gives me a great excuse to travel to a new city.

Q: What are your future running goals?

A marathon. I feel like I should at least run one. So I’m going to enter the lottery for Chicago 2020

Q: What’s your best advice for new runners?

Get fitted for shoes from a Running Store. Start out easy! We all started once It will be hard but stick with it and you will love it!

Q: What are your must-have products for running?

Headphones and Garmin. I started out with not using either one, but now I love the option to have music if I want, but I NEED the Garmin Data!!!! Statistic Junkie Now

Q: Why be a Miles and Pace ambassador?

At first, it was the cool looking hats and clothing, then it was the people that I would meet wearing the products at a race and it would be an icebreaker to say Hi.  So I applied and the Personal Touch is there, It is Family you feel part of it right away once accepted. I hope I can help grow the men’s line some more! I hope to be around for a long time!

Q: What motivates you to run?

That’s a challenge. I tell myself one thing all the time.

“It’s too easy not to Run”

Q: What're your favorite Miles and Pace product?

Always the Truckers hats!! But my go-to before and after a race is the Zip- Up Full Logo on the back hoodie!  I might be buying a backup I wear it so much!!

Q: What are some of your upcoming races or events?

15-Rock Tahoe ½ Marathon, Stateline Nevada – MILES AND PACE IG TAKEOVER

29-REVEL Mt. Hood ½ Marathon, Portland, OR




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