How to pick running shoes

Posted on October 30 2018

How to choose Running Shoes

Whether you just started running or just finished you’re tenth marathon, the one thing that every runner learns is that the right pair of shoes can change everything.  With so many choices out there, sometimes the idea of finding the right shoes can be overwhelming.  Here are a few tips to make it a little easier.

Shop Local

In a culture of online shopping and big box stores, we often forget about the “little guy,” and don’t visit the small local stores in our area.  But when it comes to running shoes, those are the best stores to visit.  You not only help out local business, you’re going to get an expert fit.  Most local shops are owned and staffed by local runners who can provide the proper gait analysis, while giving advice on local running routes.  While you’re there, ask about their running group discounts—chances are you won’t have to pay full price.

Get Recommendations

When you’re looking to get another pair of running shoes, check out reviews on the shoes.  Models are often updated and even if you loved the last version of a shoe, it doesn’t mean you’ll love the new one.  Social media can be a great crowd-sourcing tool.  Find out what the other runners in your life are wearing or go to group runs and check out what the runners there are wearing.

Function Over Fashion

I will be the first to admit—I love pretty shoes.  The brighter the color, the better.  But the one thing that will always win over how pretty a shoe might be is how it feels on my foot.  I believe that when I find the right shoe, I know as soon as I put it on.  I don’t have to break it in—it just feels right.  When you find that shoe, get it, even if it isn’t your favorite color.  And if you don’t need it right away, you may be able to special order it in a color you love.

Try It On

Maybe you found the perfect shoe during your last training season and they company has just released a new version.  Should you just buy it?  Nope.  Try it on—sometimes the updates completely change a shoe.  I wore a shoe for four models changes, but on the fifth one, it wasn’t my shoe anymore.  I had to change shoes but once the sixth model came out, I fell back in love with the shoe.  Keep in mind that every shoe will fit differently—a size 8 will not fit the same in every brand or style. 

Go For A Run

When you’re trying on shoes, try it out.  Most running stores have a treadmill or will let you go for a run outside.  It won’t be a long run, but trying the shoe out with a run will give you a better idea than just standing or walking around a store in it. 

 Taking your time to find the perfect shoe for your running can change your experience.  Happy shopping and may you find the right fit for all your running adventures.

Jenn Smith 

Miles & Pace Ambassador /  #werunsocial / Run Far Athlete 

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