Life Lessons Learned Through Running

Posted on November 08 2017

When I was chosen to become a Miles and Pace Ambassador, I was deeply honored. Being pretty new to the running scene, finding my running legs in my mid 30s, I have found that running has sparked up a fire inside of me that I never want to extinguish. I love who I have become due to the sport and the community that surrounds it, and want to embrace every aspect of that energy.

Some days running is not about speed or miles, it’s about therapy Life throws a lot at you, and some days you just need to lace up your running shoes and clear your head. There are days when my husband will push me to go run, either solo or with him and the pups, and I am always grateful for that, as I always feel so much better when I get home.

Motivational quotes and mantras are a must

I find that it definitely is a must to have some motivational quotes and mantras in your head to repeat to yourself during the moments you feel like you can’t go any further. It may seem silly, but if you start repeating even one of these to yourself, you will start to believe it, and it will change your outlook on giving up.

Here are some examples I have personally used, and ones that have been shared with me:

  • I Am Incredible
  • I Am Strong
  • Push Push Push
  • I Run Because I Can
  • I Can I Will
  • I Got This
  • Beast Mode
  • I Believe

    Achieving goals set feels amazing Lesson learned is that in order to achieve them, you will have to put in the time and effort, irrespective of how much pure talent you have. Some runs may not go as planned, and that is okay. Don’t compare yourself to others; simply be the best version of YOU, and enjoy the journey.

    Rest days are important This one is a tough one for me- just ask my husband ☺ But even through my stubbornness, I found this lesson to be a crucial one. Whichever training program you choose for yourself, rest days should always be incorporated. Remember that resting is just as important as running, and building strength, endurance and muscle, as it allows everything time to rebuild. Surround yourself with people that share your passion The running community is a very special one, where people of all different backgrounds gather to support and encourage each other wholeheartedly. Try new things- join running groups, run with friends, and even train and sign up for races together. I feel that people I have encountered along the way, have helped shape my view on the world in a hugely positive way, and I hope to pay that forward.

    Lastly… Enjoy the chase for that bling- you earned it! It makes Carb loading at the finish line that much sweeter ☺

    Much love running crew! I look forward to seeing you out there… Lital aka This_Knucklehead_Runs xoxo