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Meet Mom Runner Kelly Wasser

Posted on May 06 2019

Meet Mom Runner- 

Kelly Wasser




Mother's Day is this month and we want you to get to know some of our Ambassador Mom Runners. These ladies are hard working and juggle being a mom, wife, & runner.

Kelly lives in California and is a mother to two! We asked Kelly a few questions and here is what she had to say.

Q: How do you juggle running, work, being a mom, wife...?

A: Get the kids and hubby involved by doing activities together.  Or run on the treadmill when I can.  It would have been really challenging to do my run streaks without a treadmill.

Q: What is/are your favorite race(s) to run with kids?

A: We enjoy virtual races because we can be flexible with our schedule and course.  The kids feel less pressure to finish because it's just us.  We also run a local run for Autism every year which is fun because they get to run with friends.  

Q: Favorite workouts to include kids?

A: They love to ride bikes or scooters when I run.  We play basketball and soccer together as a family and we do challenges- who can hold the longest plank, handstand, tree pose...

Q: Post race kid-friendly snack?

A: Apples and pretzels dipped in almond butter

Q: Favorite kids running gear?

A: Miles and Pace hats and T-shirts.  Also, their Fitbits because we can set up family step challenges.

Q: Kids running shoes?

A: Nike 

Q: What are your favorite Miles & Pace products? 

A: Sparkly unicorn hat, Sweatshirts, Blanket for chillin in the yard with the kiddos.

Q: What do you love about being a Miles & Pace Ambassador? 

A: Meeting other runners. Keeps me motivated seeing what others are doing and I feel like I am part of an amazing community 

Q: Why do you run? 

A: To stay fit for my kids, so that I can keep up with them. Also, to set a good example for them. We love being active together. 




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