Meet Mom Runner Megan Hubachek

Posted on May 13 2019

Meet Mom Runner 

Megan Hubachek

We're celebrating Mother's Day all month long and we want you to get to know some of our Ambassadors / Mom Runners. These ladies are hard working and juggle being a mom, wife, & runner.

Megan lives in California and is a mother to two! We asked Megan a few questions and here is what she has to say.

Q: How do you juggle running, work, being a mom, wife...?

A: Coffee. Lots of coffee. 

A: What is/are your favorite race(s) to run with kids?

Q: Lego Land Kids Run and our local Halloween Kids Race 

Q: Favorite workouts to include kids?

A: Ride bikes and swim 

Q: Post race kid-friendly snack?

A: Banana 

Q: Favorite kids running gear?

A: Miles and Pace hats!

Q: Favorite kids running shoes?

A: Nike 

Q: What are your favorite Miles & Pace products? 

A: All of it! Love all the fun colors and designs! Hats are perfect for those hot sunny days and rainy runs. The sweatshirts and shirts are sooo comfy and soft! 

Q: What do you love about being a Miles & Pace Ambassador? 

A: Representing a company whom I love what they stand for and their message. 

Q: Why do you run? 

A: Because I can! Running feeds my soul. I live to run! I know I have 2 little ones who look up to me. I want to teach them to never give up, to always persevere. 

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