Running into a New Year - Happy 2017

Posted on January 02 2017

What a difference a year makes...

Looking back at 2016 I can't help but be in awe of our online run community that has grown to over 11K Instagram followers in a year.

Putting yourself, your creativity and your brand out there is no small feat and the reception, love and excitement we've had from our Miles & Pace community has been overwhelming and inspiring. 

I always tell the people that think we're crazy for running all of these races, that its all about the people. Runners are the kindest, most positive and fun people I've met and at the end of the day I believe in surrounding yourself in a life with those that support you, lift you up and see the greater good in it all. Miles & Pace, Run Tees, new years run goals, fitness, running

With days into 2017 we all feel the reset button as been set, that extra blast of extra energy has kicked in and we're ready to take on the world.. and I have no doubt we'll all do just that, one mile at a time.

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Cheers to a a fabulous & fun 2017! And always remember to get out there and "Run Because You Can"!

Creative Director • Miles & Pace
// @milesandpace