A Transformative Year... #FitFriday Inspiration from Stacey

Posted on August 12 2016

The Miles + Pace runner’s community truly motivates us to hit our miles and continue running because we can! We were so inspired we decided to launch a "Fit Friday" spotlight on the amazing people in our Miles + Pace fam. 

This week spotlight is on Stacey, who simultaneously manages to run a small business, battle her Lupus, raise her children and hit her miles. She inspires us to keep running, against all odds, despite all distractions and obligations! 

What inspired you to get into running?

In high school I was on the cross country team. However, I never picked running back up consistently until about a year ago. At first I used running as a means to lose the weight I had gained over the years and after having children. I couldn’t even run an entire mile then. It took a couple months but the first time I was able to run without stopping and without pain something inside me just clicked. Like it was a part of me that was missing.


How often do you run?

The weeks vary depending on if I’m training for a race. But I usually run 3-4 times during the week. And on the weekends I’ll either do a short run on Saturday and a semi-long run on Sunday or just a long run on Sunday.

What's been the most difficult aspect of your running practice?

The most difficult aspects of running for me would probably be how my Lupus affects me.  I have arthritis in my joints and that can be bothersome when running or with other physical activities. However, since I have been consistently trying to strength-train, cross-train and stretch, injuries are few and far between.  I also need to be cautious about running too much in the sun. Which can sometimes make training difficult especially in Texas. Regardless of these minor issues, I am the healthiest I have ever been in my life since becoming a runner this past year.

When you don't feel like running, what motivates you to lace up and get out there?

When I don’t feel like running, is exactly what motivates me to run. I know that I always regret skipping or missing out on a run. But I have never regretted a run. Even ones that don’t go as planned. Plus I usually feel amazing after a run that I didn't want to do.

How many races have you run?

I have run a total of 10 races from September 2015 to June 2016. I have done a 5k, 8k, two 10ks, a 20k and 5 half marathons. I placed third in my age group in the second 10k I ran.

What's been your favorite race? Why?

My favorite race, hand down, has got to be Rock ‘N’ Roll San Diego. I did PR in this race, which is a small part of the reason, but really everything during and after that race was just an amazing experience for me. The spectators and volunteers were incredible. And although I was running at my own pace I saw a lot of runners I knew, that made me feel like I was never alone during the race. The water stations were in perfect locations, the weather was amazing and crossing the finish line seeing my time almost had me in tears. And then after the race I attended two after parties, We Run Social and Whiskey Girl, where I got to meet a lot of other runners that I had known through social media.  

What's been your least favorite race? Why?

There isn’t a race I haven’t enjoyed running. But I think the race I enjoyed the least was the Rock N Roll San Antonio. It was my first large scale race and I felt a bit lost. I had only run small races put on by local organizations who offered their runners some awesome after race swag and parties.

What do you love about running?

What do I not love about running?! In the beginning I loved how I felt after a run, that runners high and learning what my body was capable of. But now I also love how I feel during a run, whether it’s a sweaty fast heart pounding give it all you got run or a slow, steady and relaxing run. 

I also love the strong and supportive running community. I have felt and received nothing but love and inspiration from other runners from the beginning.

Anything else you'd like to share about yourself, your journey and your runs! 

I’m a wife and mother of three boys and was diagnosed with Lupus and Hashimotos almost 15 years ago. I have a B.S. in Biology with a concentration in Neurobiology. My mother, sister and I own a small vocational rehabilitation, where we evaluate, train and offer job placement for the disabled.

A year ago I was overweight, unhealthy and living a sedentary lifestyle. Last year I started working out by running and I made the decision to train for a half marathon. In December 2015, almost 100 pounds lighter, I ran my first half the Rock N Roll San Antonio in 2:11:20about 2 hours less than my estimated finish time of 4 hours. On June 5, 2016 I PR’d the Rock N Roll San Diego Half and completed it in 1:58:34.

To continue following Stacey's journey, follow her on Instagram, @staceyannec.