Q and A

Posted on October 18 2017

    • When did you start running?

      I started running in 2014. My husband had been running for a couple years already, and I wanted to run with him (even though he is much faster than I am). I started out with just running 5k’s and then won an entry into a half marathon in 2015 and started really training then.

    • What inspires you or what do you enjoy most about running?

      My four kids are my daily inspirations. I am a slower, asthmatic runner, and running is a constant struggle for me. I have come so far and I’ve grown so much stronger—but even though I struggle, I want my kids to see that if you are passionate about something you stick with it and keep pushing yourself. I don’t have to stand on a podium receiving an award to feel like I have won a race. Crossing that finish line is my win!

    • What was your first race?

      My very first race was Diva Dash with my daughter. (It was her first race too). We ran the 5k together. She quickly became my favorite training buddy!

    • What's your favorite race day memory?

      In 2015, I ran my first half marathon. The Hits Omaha Marathon-half. I trained for months but had so many doubts about my ability to finish a race of that distance. I remember being too shy to introduce myself to the pacer but it was so obvious I was trying to stick with him. I was trying to find any excuse I could to quit until I made it to about 11 miles. After 11 miles I realized that I could really do this. I could run a half marathon. The finish line is inside a baseball stadium and you can see yourself up on the jumbotron as you run around the field. I’ll never forget seeing myself up there. Crossing that finish line was amazing. It was an electric moment for me, and a moment I crave now again and again. I cried so hard after receiving my medal. I had earned every ounce of it!

    • Do you have a running mantra?

      “My race-My pace” as a slower runner, I remind myself that the only competition I am interested in having is with myself!  Every race is a race for myself at my own pace.

    • Gels, Chews, or No Fuel? (Or other)

      I LOVE GU Energy gels—especially the Toasted Marshmallow flavor, it’s my newest obsession! I will also admit that during longer races I run with some gummy bears or red vines. Sometimes I need that little sugar rush to get me through the miles.

    • What is your best advice for race day?

      HAVE FUN!!!! Race days can be so stressful. Make a fun playlist and just enjoy yourself while you are out there. Don’t forget to look around too!! A lot of races take you around some really cool land marks and parks and interesting neighborhoods.

    • What is your best advice for training?

      Stay hydrated!!! It gets so old hearing people say it all the time, but it’s crucial to a good training run and good race day runs!

    • What do you think anyone new to running should know?

      Have your gait analyzed and get fitted for good running shoes! It took me a while to learn this one and I battled some gnarly blisters…no one wants that! Also-remember that rest days are a part of your training too. Your body needs time to recover.

  • What's your favorite thing to do after a race or a run?

    EAT!!! After a long race I almost always get a burger and a Dr. Pepper!