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Posted on January 29 2018

By: Emily White

Why should you plan a racecation? If you’re a runner and like to travel, it really is the best of both worlds; like having your cake and eating it, too.

Pretty much anytime I think of taking a trip somewhere, I think of how I can combine it with a local race.  I build a long weekend each June with my sister in Michigan around the Charlevoix Half Marathon.

My friends are more surprised today if I am taking a vacation that does NOT include a race!

A few years back I flew to Hawaii with a friend and we decided to do the Great Aloha Run.  Run now, mai tai’s later!

Signing up for a race while you’re on vacation also takes a little of the guilt away. You’re burning some of the extra calories you’re taking in eating and drinking.

My latest racecation was to Savannah, GA. I wanted to visit my friend who moved to Hilton Head. We were able to build a weekend that included sightseeing, catching up, and running Rock n Roll Savannah!

One of my favorite new racecation options is running Ragnar Relay races all over the country!  I’ve been lucky enough to travel to Ragnar in Colorado, Michigan and Texas – and am looking forward to Tennessee in March!

I really can’t recommend racecations enough.  But what if you don’t have a partner in crime? Don’t let it stop you!

While sometimes the idea of travelling alone to a race intimidates me, I am always glad I did it instead of passing on the opportunity. One summer I flew to Seattle to run the North Olympic Discovery half marathon. I had to rent a car and drive 3 hours, stay in a somewhat sketchy hotel and go out to eat by myself. But it was a glorious experience with epic scenery. I totally would have regretted not going.

(North Olympic discovery)

So the moral of the story here is – don’t say no to adventures – whether you have a partner in crime or not!  

A few tips if you are travelling for a racecation:

  • If you are running a half or full and have to cross several time zones, pad your trip by an extra day to make sure you are well rested
  • Don’t overdo it with walking around sightseeing the day before the race – you don’t want to tire out your legs too much
  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate
  • Make sure you pack all of your must haves, don’t rely on a race expo to have what you need
  • Ask locals on social media for restaurant recommendations and meet up with other social media friends if you can for a shake out run or a drink!

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