Road to Rock 'n' Roll Las Vegas: Strip at Night

Posted on September 16 2016

Las Vegas Run Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon

As of today, we are just 57 days out from Strip at Night: Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas! It’s been a tradition to run for us this race each year, it’s truly an event unlike any other. If you’ve never had the surreal feeling of running alongside thousands, taking over the Las Vegas Strip and historic Fremont Street, it’s definitely an experience!

Last year, we did the Run Through Wedding to renew our vows, which is such a fun twist to running a half marathon. This time, we’re more focused on beating our PRs so training has taken a front seat to see all the runners take over the wildest street in the USA! Less than 60 days out, we’re in full training mode!


I recommend using Training Peaks for an efficient, organized way to approach training! The app designs a training plan based on the goal time you wish to achieve, scheduling training runs that will help you get to your goal. It keeps me on track- knowing I have to run six miles after work keeps me motivated, instead of just putting it off. If it’s on the schedule, it’s a must!

Las Vegas Run Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon


When you’re on a training plan, you want to do everything in your power to keep your runs fresh and exciting, so you don’t fall into a rut. I recommend Map My Run, which generates possible routes in your area. They have more than 70 million routes available, or you can create your own, to reference it later on! Convenient way to make sure you’re hitting your miles without stressing over getting lost.


Another way to infuse your runs with some novelty is a soundtrack. The Rock ‘n’ Roll events are some of my favorite races because the live music along the course just gets you fired up. To replicate that similar high energy for my training runs, I use Rock My Run- DJ Marc Thrasher designs playlists you can focus on your breathing, pace and route, rather than picking songs!

Las Vegas Run Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon


The weather in Las Vegas is predictably unpredictable- you can be wrestling between two extremes at the drop of a hat. Last year, I remember getting an Instagram notification warning of rain and high winds, which I laughed off, looking at the clear sky and sunny weather. Nearly instataneously, the sunny day transformed into pure misery. By mile 9, the wind was so strong that my bib almost blew away and running was nearly impossible- it felt like we were in a wind tunnel, just jogging in place rather than making forward motion. II had to run to Lululemon to grab some gloves last minute! So bring warm clothes, cold clothes and everything in between- Las Vegas is an interesting place. You want to be prepared for it all.


I would suggest the Monorail for most efficient traveling to the start line! The monorail is the easiest way to get to the Expo. Arrive early as there is sometimes a wait.


What's the point of running all those miles if you don't CELEBRATE? Especially in the neon city, with blinking lights flashing everywhere, it's the perfect city to let loose in after hitting that 13.1.

Happy TRAINING everyone! See you for the “Strip at Night!”