Rock ‘n’ Roll San Francisco

Posted on May 18 2018

Race Weekend

Wheels up from San Diego the Friday of race weekend... for a short flight into SFO, we debated renting a car vs UBER but ultimately decided on UBER, it was a little expensive overall for the weekend but super convenient.



When looking for a hotel on a racecation, I always try and book close to the finish/start line. Most races offer a page with travel details and proximity to the weekend events. This year, Rock ‘n’ Roll did change the course after we booked our hotel, so going in to the weekend, I hoped we weren’t too far from the activities but all worked out. Union Square ended up being a awesome locale for the weekend. We were able to walk each night for dinner, Starbucks was close and there was also a super cute little diner next to the Marriot which was awesome for the 4am pancake run the guys did.



We decided to do bib pick up on Friday, the EXPO was located on the Pier close to Fisherman’s Wharf… the evening was cold, windy and rainy but inside the Rock ‘n’ Roll organizers had a very well organized intimate Expo setup. We popped by our favorite booths, said hello to Jenn 13.1 who was working the Pro Compression booth as well as finally meeting one of our Instagram friends @makrad31 - it’s so awesome people able to meet new friends that lives thousands of miles away… think that might be one of most favorite parts of doing an organized run, meeting new friends. And now… we EAT!


Going into race weekend, I like to feel good and stick as close as I can to my normal eating choices. In addition to Miles & Pace, I own A7D Creative Group and a big part of our client portfolio is restaurants… I create branding, social media marketing, menu designs for upcoming restaurants so when it comes to food, I feel like I am a little spoiled with amazing restaurant experiences BUT at every stop in San Francisco, I was even more impressed.

The first night, we dined at Scala’s Bistro in Union Square. The Ravioli filled with pesto & ricotta topped with a lemon-cream sauce was to die for. David and I shared and I wished I had had the order all to myself!

The next day David and Gary found this awesome little pasta shop in North Beach called

The Italian Homemade Company. It is a quaint little shop, you order at the counter and your meal is served on paper plates at small bistro tables. I wouldn’t suggest for a big party but a must for a group of 4 or 5. The menu was small, which I love… keep it simple, keep it good! You choose from a selection of fresh pasta, I hand the “Pappardelle” with marinara and then choose your sauce but here is what makes this spot so unique, the “Flatbread” served warm, unlike a normal flatbread and just the perfect accent to soak up the tasty sauce. This will forever be my San Francisco “Carb Up” go to.



Rise n’ shine party people, we have a race to run! There was a nice showing of runners at our hotel on race day, which I love… the energy of the morning starts as soon as you see your fellow runners in the lobby. It was a quick Uber ride to the start line and as much as I heard this was a small race, it didn’t actually hit me until we were in the corals.


Here we go…. Running through Haight Ashbury with the sunrise behind me is a sight I’ll never forget. This race was amazing and it went so fast… the views, the energy and the military support when it came to the hill leading up to the Golden Gate Bridge just pushed everyone through. Going into this, I'll be honest I was a little concerned about the Golden Gate bridge, this massive structure I have been in awe with all my life and surprisingly once we were trucking it across the bridge I was fine and almost had to pinch myself that we were actually running on the Golden Gate bridge... really was a moment I'll keep in my minds eye for a lifetime. 


My family lived in the Bay area and San Francisco is no stranger to me but running this course and seeing a side of the city, you normally just wouldn’t see was truly amazing and honestly made this my favorite Half to date.


Overall great race, I had my challenge points but that just comes down to not committing enough time to training. The uphill during mile 12 was tough but the .1 downhill to the finish line was glorious and the weather, it was gorgeous, sunny and made for such a pretty setting for the post race party in Ghirardelli Square. We collected our medals including the 2017 “Cali Combo” that we missed out in LA due to our office being broken into last year which resulted in us driving back to San Diego morning of the LA Half then snapped a couple of fun pics and headed back to the hotel for a quick bit before catching our flight to San Diego. Our post race celebratory eats went down at Super Duper in Union Square, my sister introduced us to this place a few years ago and it was the perfect end to our San Francisco weekend!


This was my first weekend on a race-cation with just the guys and we had so much fun, always on the go and up for anything made for a super fun race-cation weekend. Thanks for reading about my run travels, follow me on IG at @runningacreativelife. Also all photos property or Miles & Pace, please contact us for reuse.