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Stroller Running Tips and Tricks

Posted on February 07 2018

By: Kristen Stewart

There are not many things that I would consider myself an expert on but one area that I feel pretty confident on is stroller running. I have been a stroller pushing momma since 2012 and can only imagine how many stroller miles I have racked up over the past six years. I am fairly confident that the moment I found out I was pregnant I was on the search for a used BOB jogging stroller. After lots of Internet price stalking I actually found a great price on a new BOB and purchased right away. Fast forward one year and another baby later I was desperate for a BOB Duallie. Being the proud owner of not one, but two jogging strollers, I obviously have developed a love of running with the stroller and have a list of tips and tricks that I always keep in mind and share with others when talking about stroller running.  

The first tip I always share with anyone asking about stroller running is that you have to be flexible. As much as you would like to think the run is about you, when you have little passengers the run very much becomes about them. If you are setting out for a 5 mile run and your little guy/gal is still crying after the first mile you may want to throw in the towel for the day with your stroller pal. This leads into the next tip: plan your run around nap time as much as possible. I have had pretty good luck in the past with my kids falling asleep in the stroller on runs, especially when they were younger. If you can plan your stroller run around when they nap you are pretty much setting yourself up for great success! As the kids get bigger this concept gets harder so you must rely on your age appropriate accessories.

When the littles were well…little, it was fairly easy to make sure I had all right accessories. Currently my newborn is pretty easy to pack for when going out on a stroller run- I pack some wipes, diaper and pacifier. She now has a favorite blanket so I would be sure to grab that as well. **if you bring a blanket or favorite toy be sure that it stays in the stroller. Little hands often like to throw things out so beware** My bigger kids require more “stuff” now if going on a stroller run, usually a snack, drink, a fun playlist and sometimes even my phone to keep them entertained while running. At one point when we were potty training I also threw a little potty into the underneath basket in case we had to make a stop! This accessories change with age but are very necessary on a run!

Even though I am a seasoned stroller pusher it took me a few years of confidence building to actually push the stroller in a race. While pushing the stroller in a race I have found the tips above work but my kids really like getting into the spirit of the race as well. I usually have a pep talk with them before the race explaining that they need to cheer on the other runners we see and if they can be really good we can get snacks after the race (post-race finisher snacks of course!) This technique worked well when they were younger but now that they have grown they like to get out and actually participate in the race as well. I can usually convince them to ride for a little but, get out and run and then hop back in until we almost reach the finish. I will tell you that if you do decide to push a stroller in a race you will feel like a rock star. Stroller runners always seem to get a lot of attention and lots of extra cheers while out there on the course.

My last and final stroller running tip is to make it fun for the kids as well. I cannot even count how many times we have sang the ABCs, counted by fives or even sang silly songs just to help the miles click by. As the kids got older and my stroller runs became more and more difficult I often would run at a location that had a park. Since the kids knew there was a park there I would either bargain with them and either stop at the park half way through the run or promise that if I covered xx miles we would go the park after the run. Sometimes we would run to the dollar store or an ice cream shop and they could pick out a treat. The bribe is alive and real, especially when it comes to the stroller!

All of these tips and tricks have gotten me through SO MANY runs. While stroller running may not be the most ideal way to log miles it has been a great way to spend time with my kids as well as model a healthy lifestyle to them and others. When stroller running, do not forget to show yourself some grace. Pushing any extra weight, let alone extra 100+ pounds at some points is hard so be proud of yourself and push that stroller with a smile on your face… I heard it makes it a little easier!

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