Top Running IGs to Follow

Posted on September 30 2016

I'm sure many other runners have been in the scenario where their training run is the last thing they feel like doing. Procrastinating, they log on Instagram and their feed of motivational runners, quotes and people cataloging their running journey instills the inspiration they need to lace up their shoes. Happens to me- social media is truly an incredible tool. I can not feel like running, scroll through my feed and see a post of a runner who hit her miles, or a epic running quote that inspires me to lace up my shoes and get my miles in. Social media has the power to connect us all though we've geographically separate.

Here's some running IGs that you are must-follows for any runner:


Melissa is on an epic run streak that she posts about consistently, always motivating you to get out the door too!


His edits make races look even more E P I C!


The personal running journey of the creative director behind Miles + Pace, with many features from her adorable Vizlas!


The Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Series is not only a must-run, but also a must-follow! Seeing all those dangling medals and race pics certainly is race inspiration! 


Humor that only runners will understand!


Jen's positivity and dedication to running will liven up everyone's feeds!


Monica's posts are a mixture of hilarious running memes and her training runs.


Love the curated photos from the inspirational running community!


Kara is an Olympian long-distance runner who's half marathon PR is an astonishing 1:10 and marathon PR is 2:24! Her husband is a fellow runner are the ultimate "relationship goals"! 


Curated content from runners all over the world!


Women runners empower other women runners to run because they can!


Trail running goals! Dirt Bag Runners photographs some of the most beautiful running destinations.


As the name suggests, this account posts inspirational quotes and tips to ensure you're constantly motivated and inspired.


Their bio says it best: "A crew with the sole purpose of running all the miles and winning life on the interwebs." Follow for fun pictures from the community and information of running meetups coming to a city near you!

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