About Us

Run Apparel designed for those that love to run.  

Miles & Pace Clothing + Goods, is a laid back active lifestyle brand that marries our love for branding, graphic design and running… it’s inspirational, its fun, its family.

Miles & Pace phrases are adopted from our run experiences and an extension of what we love about running and the cities that host amazing races and events. 

We hope you’ll share your fitness journey, run adventures and join the #MilesandPaceFam by using #MilesandPace on Instagram and Twitter. 

Started in 2015 we have set out to build a brand and connect with those that are like-minded individuals with goals, ambitions and a passion for all things running.

Contact us at: Hello (at) MilesandPace.com 

Miles and Pace Clothing is located at 2867 University Ave., San Diego CA 92104.